Our Certification Process

Who is Eligible?

Certified Expense Reduction Consultant candidacy is open to all persons seriously considering the expense reduction business. In exceptional circumstances, Certification may be awarded to an individual who has not reached the minimum education requirements but has contributed significantly to the profession and who meets all other elements

With becoming a certified expense reduction professional, applicants must be able to write correctly using correct spelling and grammar. Written communication is an essential part of expense professionals’ responsibilities. 

Membership & Certification Expiration 

All certifications must be updated every two years. For those whose membership expired, they must bring their dues current to keep certifications valid. At the age of 50, lifetime status will be granted after the successful update, and no further updates will be required.

Confidential Information

All information in the certification application is treated in the strictest confidence by the International Association of Expense Reduction Consultants. Nothing contained in an application will be released or revealed without the express written permission of the applicant. However, references will be contacted, and it will be disclosed that the purpose of the inquiry is in connection with your Certification application.

Completion of the Certification Program

When the six-week course work for the Expense Reduction Consultant is completed, and a candidate’s file is reviewed for approval. A candidate is awarded the Certified Expense Reduction Consultant (CERC) designation and receives a certificate indicating the achievement upon completion of the program.

Membership Cost and Payment Options

The price for members to apply for the Certification is $1,500. The IAERC accepts ACH payment with no fee and will accept merchant cards as payment for Certification with a 3% processing fee. 

Questions and Additional Information

For assistance on how to get an IAERC certification or any additional information, please call or email us at any time during regular working hours. We will be glad to help you.