About The the International Association of Expense Reduction Consultants (IAERC)

The Expense Reduction Certification offered by the International Association of Expense Reduction Consultants (IAERC) is essential to expense reduction professionals for several reasons. Businesses recognize the growing complexities and heavy demands of controlling their expenses. CXOs need assurances that they are getting the most competitive market prices for the highest quality products and services without compromising service levels. Additionally, there is ample proof reflecting the benefits of professional certifications in other competency areas.

THE IAERC certification provides the confidence you’re adequately trained, reliable, and dedicated to your profession. There is a growing realization that certified professionals have a higher degree of integrity and confidence in their craft. Additionally, there is a superior level of confidence in the knowledge of the consultants selected. This Certification provides a procurement individual with different processes and practices that will help businesses succeed.

Applying for Membership

Membership in the International Association of Expense Reduction Consultants implies a serious dedication to the profession and the improvement of “expense reduction management”. Obtaining an IAERC certification further means that the person is interested in advancing their career in the expense reduction and supply chain function of the business.

Benefits of Certification

Our certification program is essential to businesses searching for qualified expense reduction and recovery consultants that are also knowledgeable in purchasing and supply chain management for several valid reasons.

Businesses recognize the complexity and demands of their operations concerning purchasing and supply chain management. Management teams need the assurance that their buyers and managers are adequately trained and know when to recognize that they have achieved a market price for services and products.

There is a realization in the business community that certified consultants are better situated to succeed in professionally completing these tasks. The IAERC certification provides a high degree of confidence in the ability and integrity of the people who will be selected as their consultant.

Other facts supporting the need for certified consultants include a marked degree of improvement in personal confidence, satisfaction, and pride, which results from the certification process.